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I first learned about you from a podcast interview that you did several weeks ago with Jason Burack of Wall Street for Main Street. I was so intrigued by many of your comments that I eventually began listening to your podcast, and just finished reading your book a few moments ago.

Financial Judo was awesome! In fact, I feel like I was reading something that I had written myself because pretty much all of your view points were very representative of my own...One of my favorite parts about the book is your view that a college degree is pretty much irrelevant anymore....I also liked your chapter about buying used stuff. I thought I was all alone, making a six-figure income and not having a problem buying used clothes at Goodwill, furniture on CraigsList, and things like that.

Keep up the good work, Philip!


Portland, Oregon

​​​The economy is a wreck, you're broke and no one has a plan to help you.  financial judo is your solution to debt management.  by simply taking a deeper look at how the U.S. economy is changing, you will learn how to leverage America's coming problems to your advantage.  JUST subscribe BELOW and CLICK the BOOK COVER to get your FREE AUDIOBook!



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